Genya+Erik Shenkophoto wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Four and a bit weeks ago, Jenn and Josh became Mr and Mrs at Playa del Carmen, and Erik and I documented their romantic wedding story from the pre-wedding photo session at the beach to the underwater trash the dress in a crystalline cenote a few days later. Everything started when we discovered that the contact form on our website were not working well and some messages was getting lost. How did we find it? Thanks to Jenn and Josh who wrote us several times before we finally got one of their messages. There is no words to express how happy we are now that Jenn and Josh did insist in contacting us so we could meet and spend a wonderful time with them, and, of course, document their chic and heartwarming wedding day. Erik and I remember this Playa del Carmen wedding celebration as if it happened last weekend: it was a day full of huge and real smiles, of important vows and of spontaneous happiness without limits of two people who absolutely adore each other. Relaxed and, at a times, extremely fun, Jenn and Joshua was simply adorable spending their entire wedding day laughing and kissing and dancing swing. At the beach, on the way to the cocktail, at the reception you could feel the vibration of their love for each other and you could see the shine in their eyes. Yes, we loved this day very much, it was a very inspiring wedding and not only because of the gorgeous decorations and splendid wedding concept. The truth is, those aren’t the details that make a wedding special and memorable. Nor are the place or the dress or the music. We loved and we will remember this day because of the people and the energy. Words cannot express all, so I will let the images tell the story and if, while you’re seeing them you feel like to wright a couple of words, please, leave your comment at the end of the page.

Check out Jenn & Josh’s Underwater Trash The Dress here!

wpid4478-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-1.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4568-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-2.jpgPhotos by Genya & Erik Shenko
wpid4570-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-3.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4572-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-4.jpgPhotos by Genya Shenko
wpid4574-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-5.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4576-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-6.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4578-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-7.jpgPhotos by Erik Shenko
wpid4580-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-8.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4582-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-9.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4584-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-10.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4586-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-11.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4588-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-12.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4590-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-13.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4592-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-14.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4594-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-15.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4596-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-16.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4598-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-17.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4600-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-18.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4602-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-19.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4604-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-20.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4606-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-21.jpgPhotos by Genya Shenko
wpid4608-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-22.jpg                                                                                                Photos by Erik & Genya Shenko
wpid4610-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-23.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4612-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-24.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4614-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-25.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4616-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-26.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4618-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-27.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4622-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-29.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4624-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-30.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4626-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-31.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4628-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-32.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4630-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-33.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4632-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-34.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4634-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-35.jpgPhotos by Genya Shenko
wpid4636-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-36.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4638-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-37.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4640-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-38.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4642-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-39.jpgPhoto by Gneya Shenko
wpid4644-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-40.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid4646-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-41.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4648-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-42.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid4650-Amazing-wedding-azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-43.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
More candid photos of the wedding: