Certainly the core ingredient of every wedding is love.  Rohan and Tara’s wedding surely was overflowing with amour.  What an incredible experience it was for us to witness the miracle of two families becoming one, and to observe the guests getting immersed into magical celebration of two beautiful human beings starting knitting their lives together.  All three days of this beautiful Hindu wedding were rich with good times, laughter, games, jokes, kisses and hugs, that were shared every moment and everywhere.

Undeniably, Indian weddings are so exclusive due to the abundance of colors, to its richness of symbolical rituals and anticipation of the climax when the couple officially is declared husband and wife.  All this beauty would definitely be worthless without all the energy, love and good intentions that sheltered the celebrated couple at all times. We truly appreciate our good friend Uma’s invitation to work alongside with her to document these three days of fascinating festivity.

In this blog we present the first and second days of celebration.