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Tulum Wedding Photographers. We can't get over how amazing each one of our couples are! They open their hearts and minds to the process and in turn, allow us to capture the beauty between their souls... It moves us and makes us feel blessed - thanks a million to all of you! This day we spent with wonderful couple Andrea and Jonathan from Playa del Carmen. Their[...]
Jenn & Josh's underwater trash the dress at the Cenote of Riviera Maya is now on the Blog! This wonderful human beings got married a couple of days before this underwater bridal photo session at Azul Fives Playa del Carmen resort and it was another breathtaking love story to see! Photo by Genya Shenko Photo by Genya Shenko Photo by Genya Shenko [...]
The underwater photo sessions are my favorites after the wedding day. Anna and Ivan, young and dreamy couple, spend all the photo session together holding each other's hands. All together we enjoyed the early morning at these peaceful place surrounded by the forest. The entrance of a sun light through the leafs was fascinating and I remember this day because of this m[...]
Two girlfriends Katy and Marry came to Mexico from very far away with an idea of their underwater photo session. They prepared every single detail of their underwater red costumes and we spend almost a half of day taking pictures in a little and quite cenote of Riviera Maya. All my respect to Marry who was afraid of the water! Does it look like one of them is real[...]