Тhis awesome and sweet couple was our last couple of 2016. (Such a magic year, by the way!) As always, we met our couple before their wedding day for the pre-wedding photo session. This time it was at the beach of Playa del Carmen. It was a stunning afternoon with an epic sun light above the horizon. And these guys was sweet and fun, we had a really great time with them!

Eric and I randomly met at my family’s lake cabin which I have been going to for 23 years. The first time I spoke to Eric I was making fun of his pasty white legs sticking out of his shorts with his socks pulled up in a pair of slippers. I remember him feeling like home and that he belonged with me even though we had just met.  We sat and chatted for hours without awkwardness or nervousness. Both of us are very honest and upfront about what we want in our lives. We want to build a life together that is going to include children.  We are both very different but complement each other. I am very organized and always have a plan.  Eric is very easy going and is happy to have the planning done for him. Humor is a huge part of our days.  We love to laugh together and just spend time together.  We can go from talking about politics to discussing the meaning of life to what our life is going to look like within a few sentences.  We both love to travel but our wedding will be the first trip we will be taking together.  We are always up for an adventure.  We support each other through the good and the bad and even the ugly.  We have grown a lot since getting together and continue to grow as a couple and as individuals.  

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