Photos by Nikhol Esteras

‘It all started flowing naturally and easy once we’ve decided.

The most important thing for us was to answer the question: why do we want to have a wedding? When you have the clear purpose of your wedding, it is so much easier to plan the day of the beginning of your ‘happily ever after’. For us it was a special opportunity to share our happiness with family and friends. Yes, our wedding was all about GATHERING TOGETHER WITH THE LOVED ONES. And to gather people you love from all around the world at the same time and the same spot is probably the most difficult thing ever. Finally, the date was agreed and invitations confirmed by guests!
And how did we get the wedding concept? After having seen so many wedding ceremonies with different themes and styles it was hard to think that we’ll have to decide on one in particular for us! The decision arrived by it self when our family members and some friends started to offer us their help. Genya and I had some basic ideas about the concept in general and all of them were realized with a help of those who wanted to participate in this “project”.
A week before the big bay, the wedding preparation converted to a big family festivity. It was fun, laud, crazy, creative and so enriching, I’ll never forget it. There were my dad making an arch, my ants with our mothers creating a vegetarian menu for the wedding diner, Genya’s friends painting cards and signs and my sister – wooden crates for the simple rustic decoration. There were a photo booth brought from Canada, my best friends musicians from Veracruz and Argentina, our good friend as a make up artiste from France, and a tons of exquisite Russian-Mexican-Italian-vegetarian dishes!
Important note: If you encounter yourself in the middle of wedding planning, we recommend you to stop, take a deep breath and answer the very same question. It will help you to focus on the most important thing.

Then it was time to choose a photographer.
That was a real challenge. It may have to do with the fact that we both are wedding photographers and we know the work from within. We definitely wanted to make sure the photographer we choose would be close in all the most important moments yet not intruding into our intimacy.
Every professional photographer should know how to be there without being there. The responsibility of making a right choice always rests upon the couple to be married and this time it was upon us! So, Genya and I, after a lot of thorough analyzing, each came with a few names, but we both agreed on Nikhol. It is only fair to say we love the way she approaches photography. Her images are very sincere and fresh. Her photography is discrete but precise and, what is the most important, filled with love. No doubt we share her vision of photography and I must admit we as photographers learned a lot from Nikhol.

If you ask me today to describe our wedding day, I would not be able to find adequate words. My heart is overwhelmed with so many emotional memories, which make it impossible to express them in words. But every time I look at the wedding photos I can say with confidence: This is exactly how it was!
If you’d like to sneak into our wedding day, please feel free to take a look at the photos in our blog.

Oh yes! If you are looking for a great photographer in San Francisco or Oaxaca, please contact our dear friend Nikhol. We do hope we can work together one day soon.

All photographs by Nikhol Esteras Photography.