underwater model original photo session
Photos by Erik Shenko

Epic Wedding Photographers, Cancun.

Underwater photography must exist as long as a diving, but its new trend known as ‘underwater photo session’ is just a few years old. Today we present you this original idea of the trash the dress in Mexican Riviera Maya located in the Peninsula of Yucatan. So let’s talk a little bit about this new style that is of our interest now: underwater wedding photography in cenotes. Did you know that the Peninsula of Yucatan has the largest in the world network of underground rivers and cenotes? These underground lakes are like windows opened by the mysterious hand to allow us to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the underground world. Yucatan cenotes boast with its clear waters, beautiful light inputs and lush natural surroundings, not to mention the excellent climate we have all year. It offers the best places in the world for the underwater photography, which are located to the south of Cancun, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum and the constant improvement of the professional underwater photography equipment makes it more and more accessible and popular.

The after wedding underwater photo-session becomes one of the most popular for the honeymooners, as the incredible bride and groom underwater images found in the network have been captivating the attention of the most demanding tastes. The trash the dress photo-shoots for newlyweds usually are being done one or two days after the wedding.  The bride and the groom arrive dressed in their wedding outfits and throw themselves into the water where their photographer guides them to create the breathtaking images. Being dressed underwater creates a magical and fascinating effect impossible to achieve elsewhere. Where else would you see a flying like an angel bride wearing her dress in all its glory? So we have to admit that it is hard to compete with an underwater photography in cenotes! The name ‘trash the dress photo-session’ does not correspond the reality because the dress does not get trashed at all at these photo-shoots.  On the contrary, as the cenote waters are so clear, bride’s dress ends up even cleaner than it was before the session.  Nevertheless, some brides prefer to purchase a special dress for this underwater session. There are different types of cenotes, and some of them can be more convenient for those who don’t know how to swim. We have selected places for both: for those who are not very good swimmers we have preselected waters, which are not very deep; If you are an adventurous kind and know how to swim, the several meters deep waters are awaiting for you. Nevertheless, in spite of the depth, you can always get stunning underwater photos. There are many couples that have found this experience as the most entertaining and fun.  The most important thing in order to get the best underwater photo-shoot experience is to follow your photographer’s instructions and recommendations.  If your boyfriend does not like to have his pictures taken, he will definitely change his mind after underwater photo session. There are many photographers who offer this kind of service in the Riviera Maya. Make sure the one you choose is the most professional and experienced in underwater photography with models and the assistant or the second shooter during this session is a big plus!

Please notice that there are other types of photo-sessions such as underwater boudoir photography or underwater engagement photo-session.  Do not miss our upcoming blogs where we will be presenting each one of them individually.

Under water photo session

Underwater photo session for two in tulum mexico


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