shaman is getting ready for the wedding ceremonyPhoto by Genya Shenko
Blue Venado Wedding Photographers.

Every time I think of Christina and Moses’s Mayan wedding ceremony at Blue Venado beach club, I get overwhelmed with indescribable excitement and joy.  This special couple’s wedding day was conducted in supernatural harmony and with wonderful energy.  All the guests were enriched and blessed. It was one of those rare days when you could physically feel the atmosphere vibrating with emotion.  The invisible threads of love were tying all guests into mysterious body of HAPINESS.  The whisper of invitees was flawlessly adorning the sacrament of what was about to happen at the flower altar before the Mayan ceremony at Blue Venado begun.

Shortly before the wedding Moses lost his father.  Christina was raised by her sister due to the early loss of their parents.  It was so beautifully touching to see Christina’s sister leading her baby-sister to the altar and giving her away to her beloved.  Every little detail and every decoration at this mayan wedding ceremony at blue venado lead by a shaman were presenting triumph of life, love, eternity, faithfulness, loyalty, and freedom.  Everything was so clear with no words required. Ancient music rhythm was enriched with generous smiles and hugs.  Mysterious mayans ritual was binding the family and the friends. Erik and I barely had time to capture people’s emotions and gestures, as they were so many!  Even two pares of hands and four cameras weren’t enough to capture all we’ve witnessed at this emotional mayan wedding ceremony at Blue Venado. The evening continued in the restaurant at the beach under a palm roof.  The light from chandeliers and backlights along with the igniting show of the jugglers and dancers created the wonderful and enchanting ambience. It was the true celebration of LIFE because the people who went through severe trials in life were able to remain warm, happy and personal.   Even though you could still see the remains of the passed tests in their eyes, the triumph of joy was breaking through in the form of the new hope. Red was the color of the wedding ceremony.  Having lost myself in the beauty of the moment, I completely forgot to ask Christina why she chose red! I hope to have that opportunity in the future.

If you are planning a wedding ceremony with local traditional elements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  We will be very happy to recommend you places and assist you in all possible important details.  We know how to help you to organize the perfect mayan wedding ceremony in Blue Venado of the style.

wpid3569-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-1.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid3571-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-2.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3573-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-3.jpg Photo By Erik Shenko
wpid3575-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-4.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3577-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-5.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3579-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-6.jpg Photo By Genya Shenko
wpid3581-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-7.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid3583-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-8.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3585-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-9.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3587-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-10.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3589-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-11.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3591-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-12.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3593-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-13.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3595-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-14.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3597-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-15.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3599-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-16.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3601-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-17.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3603-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-18.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3605-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-19.jpg Photos by Genya Shenko
wpid3607-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-20.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid3609-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-21.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3611-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-22.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3613-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-23.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3615-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-24.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3617-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-25.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3619-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-26.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3621-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-27.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3623-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-28.jpgPhoto by Erik Shenko
wpid3625-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-29.jpg Photo by Genya Shenko
wpid3627-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-30.jpg Photo by Erik Shenko
wpid3629-Mayan-wedding-at-blue-venado-31.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko