Genya+Erik Shenko Photography in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

This Mahekal Beach Resort Wedding wasn’t our first wedding at this resort, but it was definitely the most magical wedding experience we had there! Roxane and Dan, two wonderful human beings, choose the perfect place with a perfect scenery for their magical wedding ceremony at the beach. Even the weather was absolutely beautiful this day, fresh and sunny, which is not usual for this season. We are so happy to share this wedding story here and we are sure you will enjoy it as much as we did!

The Day through Roxane’s eyes:

The day was an absolute dream! It started with the perfect amount of quiet time in our beautiful beach house to reflect on the ceremony and finalize some bits of the writing.  Then we went to breakfast where our beloved friends and family joined us in the walk or were sitting already excited and smiling about this perfect celebration we were already in the middle of.  There was a magical synchronicity and flow to how the day unfolded.  After some delicious time in the Caribbean water all the getting ready started – friends came in and out as I and other wedding party people had our hair and makeup done.  Being together with the loving company of my closest friends was an absolute gift.  The joy was palpable.  We laughed, reveled in each other’s jokes and comments, excited about being together.  I loved having my (now step daughters) engulfed in and supported by the amazing women in my life as they got ready.  Every single person is such a powerhouse of owning their life, and such a role model of happiness and self love.  I took this all in, aware that I have been “complete” long before getting married because all the love in my life has helped me learn who I am, and become the person who finally found my beloved Dan.  The first look moments Dan and I had together were just awesome, a beautiful blend of excitement and gratitude.  Then all the family shots unfolded, kind of a blur in the adrenaline of the day.  I just remember being giddy with joy as everyone stood together, joked together and did what we were directed to do.  The ceremony was like a spiritual experiential art installation.  Everyone was so present.  I was so present.  It was fun!  It was sweet, it was intimate, I loved all that we designed into it.  Having all 80 of us go through the Loving Kindness meditation is a highlight of my life.  Dan and my vows were funny and honest and such a celebration of each other.  I stood up there held by friends and family feeling so happy and so blessed.  As the reception and dinner unfolded, I just wanted time to slow down.  Everything was so perfect.  I tried to get around to see all of our guests, and everyone was just overflowing with joy about the perfection of the place, the day, the uniqueness of our ceremony, and the very special bubble of love this whole event was.  It was a truly special time for everyone to experience and celebrate love and beauty.  For me, as much as the wedding and whole wedding weekend was a celebration of our decision to spend life together, creating this whole experience was my gift to our tribe.  It was magical.

Roxane’s favorite moments of the Day:

Being surrounded by many of my closest friends as I was getting ready. | Seeing my step daughters feel like princesses, and to see them engulfed in the love of my besties. | Standing on the deck with Dan as we first saw each other all dressed up and ready to go, saying “thank you”  | Meeting my dad at the bottom of the stairs to walk the aisle | Seeing all the smiling loving faces as I walked down the aisle | Getting to the chuppa and standing up there with our beloved officiant holding the space, and then taking Dan’s hands, looking into each other’s eyes and having the ceremony start. | I also loved all of the music we chose for the procession, the song we played after we were pronounced partners for life, and our entrance and first dance song.  Just so non traditional and so us. | Dancing with my dad was a real highlight too, along with his toast. | And if I could bottle that floaty feeling of walking around to each table to say hello I would drink it every day!

Wedding ceremony at Mahekal Beach Resort Playa del Carmen



Wedding Venue:  Mahekal Beach Resort

Celebrant: Deborah Johnson, a friend from the US

Rings: by Zoë Chicco Designs

Bride’s Dress: by Saja bought in Los Angeles at Bride Boutique

Bride’s Shoes: by Badgley Mischka

Bride’s Jewellery: Zoë Chicco (bracelets) earrings by BHLDN the bride boutique of Anthropologie 

Hair & Makeup: VO 

Styling & decor: by me! And Carrie Baker Events 

Flowers: Blush and the specific person’s name was Yazmin

DJ:  Freddy Anzures 

Groom’s Attire: pants: Bonobos, shirt: SUITSUPPLY

Groom’s Accessories: none