romantic love story at hard rock hotel at riviera maya

Genya+Erik Shenkophoto wedding photographers in Hard Rock Riviera Maya.

This small but very romantic photo session took place at Hard Rock hotel at Riviera Maya. It was a first time when Erik couldn’t come with me to meet one of our couples before their wedding day. So this pre-wedding photo session I made alone… well, not exactly ”alone” because Corissa and Jason were my super stars and it wouldn’t be possible without them (: These guys know each other for more then 12 years and they built their relationship 7 years ago. Yes, sins they were 16! They kept their love fresh and strong for all these years and they are still best friends who are having tons of fun together. When I saw them for the very first time through my camera, I could feel their connection, strong and beautiful, without words but full of vibrations and feelings. It was not just lovely to see, but it also was making them super easy to work with! Enjoy this short love story of two lovebirds at Hard Rock hotel Riviera maya.