1- By now, we’ve almost forgotten how to TANGO, but we still enjoy a CUBAN RUEDA DE CASINO whenever there’s a good band playing.



2- We’ve been happily VEGETARIAN since 2012.


3- Erik really likes the ocean, the OPERA, reading before bed, dancing, singing in the car, PLAYING IN THE SAND, and dark chocolate with no sugar.


4- We believe that for genuine, amazing pictures, it is enough to BE IN LOVE, be positive, and BE YOURSELF.

12-facts-about-erik-genya-shenko-photogrpahers-35- Genya is fascinated by campfires, exploring new places on foot, EATING CORN on the cob, all things VINTAGE, browsing through the Jean-Talon Farmers Market in MONTREAL and gardening.


6- What inspires us: LOVE, people, nature, NATURAL LIGHT, small parties with close FRIENDS, vineyards…Genya+Erik_blog-test-4

7- We share our lives with THREE FURRY FRIENDS that we rescued from the street – and they fill our days with infinite love and HAPPINESS!


8- Once, we’ve traveled around the world in 78 DAYS.



9- We both enjoy cooking and are always trying to surprise each other with special meals.


10- Erik baked HOMEMADE BREAD to share with our guests just hours before our wedding celebration in Tulum.

Genya+Erik_blog-test-311- Being huge advocates of ANIMALS, we are deeply involved in several animal rescue communities.

12- Crossing Canada BY TRAIN is on our bucket list.

photos by Fran Russo

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