Destination-wedding-in-mexico-grand-coral-beach-club-weddingThe sweetest couple Pamela and Justin celebrated their intimate wedding ceremony at the beach of Playa del Carmen. It wasn’t their first visit of the Caribbean coast of Mexico as they already traveled here before their wedding and as they LOVED their previous trip of this beautiful corner of the world they decided to share their experience with family and friends. It was definitely one of the loveliest couples of this year! We spent wonderful time together since the day before the wedding when I had a pleasure to document their love during their pre-wedding photo session at the same beach. The wedding day was fabulous and very natural: peace, joy and happiness were filling the air and we were so blessed to share the harmony of the day with this people. We also loved the way this couple shared with us their experience of destination wedding at Playa del Carmen (:
destination wedding in mexico bride is getting ready

 Could you give some advice to those who are just planning their destination wedding at Playa del Carmen?

  • J: Consider having the venue outside of an all inclusive resort for a more secluded and intimate feel
  • Factor in the exchange rate (non US counties) and extra costs (such as activities for guests)
  • Plan for weather changes; whether it could be hot or raining or windy or all at the same time.

P: Ask for a list of ALL the costs and be sure to clarify exactly what each venue provides. We were surprised at how quickly everything added up. We were especially surprised that the chairs and dance floor were not included in the venue cost like in Canada. Do remember to enjoy the process, it’ll be over before you know it.

destination wedding in mexico at playa del carmen fun bridesmaids

Can you tell us about the day through your eyes? J: It was a lot more relaxing than I anticipated. People say the day flies by so I tried to enjoy every moment and to remember the details. Whether it is spending time with my groomsman or reading Pam’s letter and finally seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress.  P: I was really worried that we didn’t plan enough entertainment for our guests and that they would be bored. But despite the chaotic preparations and delayed ceremony, the day turned out to be more fun than I could ever imagine.

What were your favorite moment/s of the Day? J: Reading pam’s letter, seeing her smile as she walks towards me down the isle, spending time with my groomsman, the speeches, everyone jumping into the pool. P: Reading Justin’s letter, Justin’s parents grinning from cheek to cheek while walking him down the aisle, putting a ring on Justin, walking hand in hand through the bubbles as husband and wife, everyone having a blast in the pool, and Steph trying to sew up my reception dress as Kim supervised and Mel fixed her eyelashes.


What did you appreciate the most working with Shenko Photography at your wedding day?We appreciated how this couple made us feel very comfortable so we could be ourselves during the shoot. They had the foresight of doing a trial shoot the day before which really helped to speed up our session on the wedding day. It was very important because we were behind schedule and the sun was setting fast. Also, they were super flexible with the ceremony being delayed. They were patient and kind with us and our guests. They encouraged us to relax, have fun, and live in the moment!

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  • Wedding Venue: Grand Coral Beach Club
  • Photography: Genya+Erik Shenko Photography
  • Second Photographer: Naiara Altuna
  • Celebrant: Gelena
  • Rings: De Beers
  • Bride’s Dress: Monique Lhuillier
  • Bride’s Shoes: Shoemint
  • Bride’s Jewellery: Cartier
  • Hair & Makeup: Sarah Garnier
  • Groom’s Attire: Isaia
  • Groom’s Accessories: Carrot & Gibbs
  • Styling & decor: Weddings Riviera Maya
  • Flowers: Eduardo
  • Videography: Amor Amor Weddings
  • DJ: Chris