Documentary wedding photographer at Isla Mujeres, Mexico
How a casual suggestion, to get married at Casa IxChel, quickly turned into a wonderful plan of an intimate destination wedding at Isla Mujeres.
Kara & Purdy:
”We spent a little bit of time immediately after our engagement looking at wedding venues in Minneapolis. The experiences offered, and size of the wedding, did not align with the way that either of felt about our wedding. We wanted something small, intimate, and spread across multiple days. Basically, we wanted to go on a trip with our friends and family, and happen to get married. Casa IxChel  happened to be completely available that weekend, and we became enticed by the idea of revisiting our first international vacation. We sent some texts to family and close friends to see how they felt about traveling to Mexico, with 3 months notice, for our wedding. We got back a series of texts filled with !!! and <3 <3 <3.

Kara: the day was perfect for me! The wedding day was the day I finally handed off my to do list to my teacher friends. I felt a big sense of relief and excitement knowing they would coordinate everything that remained (& I was free!). The day started with yoga under the palapa.

Then juices! I spent most of the morning with my sisters, my mom, and some close friends, and it was wonderful. The most touching part of the day was while I was getting my hair done and my sisters presented me with unexpected, symbolic, gifts – it took my breath away. After finishing hair and make-up, everything sped up and also slowed down at different moments …. Getting dressed with my people. Seeing everyone before the ceremony and the love in their eyes. Sneaking some time with Purdy right before the ceremony. The ceremony and Purdy’s beautiful vows. All the hugs and smiles after the ceremony. Thinking I was sneaking some more private time with Purdy after the ceremony (& then realizing everyone was watching us). Putting our thumb-prints in the guestbook. All of the beautiful, unexpected toasts during dinner. The amazing panna cotta for dessert. Our first dance to the most perfect song, in the most perfect setting. All the tequila. Toke Son!!!! The dance circles. The smiles and laughs and love. Pure joy!

 Purdy: It went by so quickly! Yoga… I mean coffee 😉 Burrito delivery, sitting at Ronda’s with friends, getting ready at Jireh’s, the first look! The moment of the first look. Off to Punta Sur. Seeing Stu’s engagement ha! A quick change of clothes. Pictures. Alejandro. Walking out. The moment of being in front of family and friends with Kara. The toasts and speeches and love! The first dance! Toke Son and the 11 minute version of Guantanamera. Moi and the rest of the staff and the tequila! That’s all. Just those things.

It was an absolutely wonderful wedding at Isla Mujeres and Erik and I enjoyed every minute of those two days spent in the marvelous company of Kara & Purdy! Visit their Pre-Wedding photo session at Isla Mujeres made a few months earlier at the Sculpture Park of Punta Sur.



Wedding Venue: Hotel Casa IxChel

Celebrant: Sarah Miller, a close personal friend

Rings: Family heirlooms

Bride’s Dress: Amy Kuschel – San Francisco

Bride’s Jewelry:  All bridal jewelry were pieces from family members. Grandmother’s heirloom necklace & sapphire earrings which were a gift from sister

Hair & Makeup: Ursula Lopez Salon Services

Groom’s Attire: J.Crew & Banana Republic

Styling & decor: Kara & Purdy with help from Franny and all of the Casa IxChel staff

Flowers: Jeri Mattox

Musician (Ceremony & Cocktails): Alejandro Campos

Band (reception): Toke Son

DJ: Lalo del Campo