family wedding in tulumPhoto by Genya Shenko


This small and very intimate wedding at the luxury resort Esencia, started very early in the morning. The sky was blue and full of clouds, the breeze swirled into the open honeymoon suite, and Alice’s dress shined from a corner in the room. Everything was perfect and Sarah, one of the best hair&make up artists in all Riviera Maya, was finishing bridal makeup just on time so we could start the wedding photo session at this paradisiac place – Esencia resort.
A few minutes later, Reneau, the groom, came to the room to prepare their little children for the wedding ceremony at the beach. Two lovely angels were so pretty wearing white and were so similar to their parents. A couple of close friends who came directly from France, were there, sharing this secret and happy moment with Alice and Reneau on their Big day at this fantastic site where the romantic elopement was taking place. Later that wedding ceremony, toasts were given, tears of happiness were gone and love were floating in the air and in the water. Such a beautiful wedding photo session in Esencia hotel, with such a nice people surrounded by almost virgin nature.

Alice and Reneau, you are so special! Really, you literally glow from happiness and we can’t describe how much we loved being there on your wedding day. Thank you for being so kind, generous, and thoughtful… you made us fall more in love with small and intimate weddings.  Much Love and Appreciation.


Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-2.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wedding photo session at esencia resort riviera mayaPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3516-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-4.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
great ideas for getting ready photo session in mexicoPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3520-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-6.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
ideas for the rings wedding photos vintage inspiredPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3524-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-8.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3526-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-9.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3528-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-10.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
sweet wedding photo session at esencia hotel tulumPhoto by Genya Shenko
wedding vintage inspired details photographyPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3534-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-13.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
kids playing at the wedding ceremonyPhoto by Genya Shenko
children at the wedding of their parentsPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3540-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-16.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3543-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-17.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3545-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-18.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
beautiful french couple getting married in Esencia riviera mayaPhoto by Genya Shenko
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romantic photo session from elopement mexicoPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3553-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-22.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3555-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-23.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3557-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-24.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
wpid3559-Esencia-wedding-at-xpuha-beach-riviera-maya-25.jpgPhoto by Genya Shenko
family wedding at tulum riviera mayaPhoto by Genya Shenko
Wedding planner:  Six Sens