A few weeks ago Erik and I went to Akumal for the meeting with Ben and Frank while they were visiting the villa for their wedding in February. After visiting the villa and after a short talk with wedding planers we looked for a nice spot in this area for the engagement photo session with guys. And we find it right in front of the villa that Ben and Frank were renting for their actual stay in Akumal. We loved the weather, we loved the place and we adored working with this two beautiful human beings. We can’t wait until the end of February to capture their love and we are sure that that day will be very very special.

1-Some words about your couple, Ben: We live in New York City, and we’ve been together for three years. We are getting married on Leap Day 2016 in Akumal.

2-How was your overall photo session experience with us ? Genya and Erik are thoughtful and kind. We were both a little nervous about our initial photo session, but it turned out to be a very warm experience that we enjoyed. Planning the details of wedding can be stressful, and this intimate time we spent with Genya and Erik was therapeutic.

3- Any advices you would like to give to those who are planing to make their wedding in Mexico? Talk to a few wedding planners about different styles and locations for your wedding. If possible, go visit the venues. Seeing things in person makes a big difference in helping you decide.

Much love to both of you, Ben and Frank and see you next year at Akumal!