This destination wedding at Barcelo Palace Deluxe Riviera Maya was full of magic moments, personalized details and love. Alejandra always wanted to have a destination wedding because she loves the ocean (she is from Honduras and it brings her great memories)  Plus she is not a traditional girl  in certain ways. Mike was always in with the idea since he ever met Alejandra because he loved how much passion she had about the ocean.


We asked Alejandra and Michael to tell us about their decision of celebrating their destination wedding in Mexico and about the wedding day.

 So, why Mexico? Well, Alejandra had already been to Mexico a few times, where she fell in love with the area of Playa del carmen and Tulum. Although Mike had been to Mexico several times for work, he had never been in this part of Mexico so Alejandra took him on a trip, where she showed him the Chichen Itza and Playa del Carmen town. Mike loved it so much, it was a magical moment for us. Funny story is that Mike had planned to propose to Alejandra on that trip but the Ring didn’t make it on time for the trip. ”

 Could you tell us about the day through your eyes? We think it was a very eventful day. We weren’t nervous at all until the morning off Alejandra woke up in a ball of nerves. The bridesmaids kept her company since the beginning of the day as they started to get ready and their hair and makeup done. As this was happening Mike was dealing with his son being severely dehydrated and trying to get him to normalcy, he succeeded Thank Goodness. Then the beautiful sunny skies turned dark and it was this crazy storm, we even have a video from different guest of a tornado looking cloud.

Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-1 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-2 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-3

Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-5Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-6 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-7 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-8 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-9 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-4Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-10 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-11Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-12Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-15

Alejandra was so nervous about the rain and Mike kept sending her messages that it was going to be great and sunny.”

Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-13 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-14 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-16

The best moment was looking at each other for the first time! Staring into each others eyes and feeling SO HAPPY.”

Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-17 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-18 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-19 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-20 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-21 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-22

A destination wedding at the beach “was the best decision we ever made”

Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-23 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-24

We loved Mexico, the people are so nice, they are so proud of their land and culture, plus the area is so beautiful we could travel to Mexico every year”.

Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-25 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-26 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-27 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-28 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-29 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-31 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-32 Destination-wedding-in-mexico-Barcelo-Maya-33

”We truly loved so many moments from the wedding, having all our family and closest friends there feeling so much love. We feel really blessed to have found each other.”

Alejandra and Mike

Photography: Genya+Erik Shenko Photography

Second Photogapher: Naiara Altuna