Destination Huatulco Wedding | Las Palmas Resort

We have been waiting to share this one. It was difficult to finalize the selection of pictures that truly tells the story of this beautiful destination Huatulco wedding which took place at Las Palmas Resort. That’s probably the only thing Erik & I ever fight about as married photographers who work together – choosing the images for our blog. There is ju[...]

Love at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. E-session for C & J

Genya+Erik Shenkophoto wedding photographers in Hard Rock Riviera Maya. This small but very romantic photo session took place at Hard Rock hotel at Riviera Maya. It was a first time when Erik couldn't come with me to meet one of our couples before their wedding day. So this pre-wedding photo session I made alone… well, not exactly ''alone'' because Corissa and [...]

Paradisus Playa del Carmen Wedding | Sabina + Richard

Genya+Erik Shenkophoto wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Sabina and Richard choose to celebrate their wedding ceremony at Paradisus La Perla at Playa del Carmen as they were in love with this place for longtime. These two match each other perfectly - similar tastes and an impressive passion for dancing (their first dance was amazing by the way)[...]

Traditional Hindu Wedding at Paradisus Cancun, Last Part

In the south of India, this part of the wedding was called Maaplai or Jaana Vasam or, in the north, Baraat. Historically, the groom and all of his family traveled to the bride’s city to celebrate their wedding. The groom typically rode in on a horse and the whole village would receive him with great festivities. Without a doubt, of the three days of celebration[...]

Charming Underwater photo session in Tulum for A + J

Tulum Wedding Photographers. We can't get over how amazing each one of our couples are! They open their hearts and minds to the process and in turn, allow us to capture the beauty between their souls... It moves us and makes us feel blessed - thanks a million to all of you! This day we spent with wonderful couple Andrea and Jonathan from Playa del Ca[...]

Pre-wedding photo session for Isabelle & Michael, at Las Palmas, Huatulco

This pre-wedding photo session for Isabelle and Michael took place at the Beach of Violin (Playa Violin), just few minutes walking from Las Palmas Resort -  intimate and cozy boutique resort in Huatulco. We met this charming couple a day before their wedding at Las Palmas hotel. Right after our meeting we took these shots at the beach of Violin where this young co[...]

Eddy wants to play! A Day in the Life photo session in Montreal

Ericka and Pascal own a cozy and charming French restaurant named Tandem in a beautiful neighborhood in Montreal. It was there that we first met Ericka with Pascal to talk over all the details of their Day in the Life photo session. The idea behind this photo session is to capture a routine - each one of the special and ordinary moments in a day. We are always thr[...]

Intimate and emotional wedding at Hacienda del Secreto, Playa del Carmen

Hacienda del Secreto is not a historic hacienda but a boutique resort consisting of the five cutest oceanfront villas between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. The ambiance is 100% Mexican, with thousands of details capturing the culture of this country - palm-palapas next to each villa and plenty of iguanas walking freely through the resort. Another special touch that[...]

Traditional Hindu Wedding at Paradisus Cancun, Tara & Rohan

Certainly the core ingredient of every wedding is love.  Rohan and Tara’s wedding surely was overflowing with amour.  What an incredible experience it was for us to witness the miracle of two families becoming one, and to observe the guests getting immersed into magical celebration of two beautiful human beings starting knitting their lives together.  All three da[...]

E-session in Akumal, for Ben & Frank

A few weeks ago Erik and I went to Akumal for the meeting with Ben and Frank while they were visiting the villa for their wedding in February. After visiting the villa and after a short talk with wedding planers we looked for a nice spot in this area for the engagement photo session with guys. And we find it right in front of the villa that Ben and Frank were rent[...]