A Dream. Underwater photo session for Katy & Marry in Riviera Maya

Two girlfriends Katy and Marry came to Mexico from very far away with an idea of their underwater photo session. They prepared every single detail of their underwater red costumes and we spend almost a half of day taking pictures in a little and quite cenote of Riviera Maya. All my respect to Marry who was afraid of the water! Does it look like one of them is really[...]

Wedding at Blue Venado Riviera Maya with Audrey & Antoin

  Wedding photographers at Blue Venado, Playa del Carmen. AUDREY and Antoine are tons of fun, and their day reflected that so perfectly!  The official ceremony was organized by Wedding Planer from Six Sens - Benoit and Audrey and, as always, the result was exquisite - original flower decorations  and a diner at the small restaurant decorated as[...]

Wedding at Blue Venado, Riviera Maya with Laetitia & Fréderic

A belgian couple Laetitia and Frederic was celebrating their beautiful wedding at Blue Venado beach club. The oficial ceremony were taking place right on the beach 10 minutes away from Playa del Carmen. Laetitia and Frederic invited us to photograph these important moments and the day after the wedding we took them to the local fisherman village for the trash the d[...]