This ”A Day in the Life” session in Montreal was a complete blast.  After we’ve first met with Elyse and Simon in a café at Jean Talon market one August afternoon, we felt so delighted to find SUCH a sweet couple in this city.  Getting to know these two free-spirited and creative people was truly inspiring for us; witnessing their love was an awesome privilege.  After a short interchange of our love stories with Elyse and Simon, Erik and I were absolutely trilled with an idea of making a Day in the Life photo session with them.  So we divided it into two parts, the first one at their neighborhood – next to the famous Jean Talon market and the second one in the woods, where the couple use to go on the weekends. I personally love a lot Jean Talon market area in Montreal.  It always overwhelms me with so many fantastic memories.  Thus I enjoyed every moment of the photo session on those streets. The shooting was easy and fun as the couple had an absolutely special energy following them everywhere and we could feel it all day long.

We loved that they weren’t shy with their affection and how naturally they caused those smiles in each other. They needed no prompting from us and because they were so confident with each other, their photos turned to be absolutely gorgeous. Well, probably there were another reason for that, as we found out later, that day was also Simon’s birthday and we believe he find it awesome to celebrate this day with his love. We asked this lovely couple to leave us a few words about their experience, and here they are:

1-What makes your relationship yours? There are so many special little things that make it ours, the way we met , the first year of travel we spent on the road, the group of amazing friends we have attracted to us in the process. I guess the underlying sentence that describes us is that we’ve met another person that compliments each of our personalities so well and that keeps motivating us to grow and change together.

2-How was your overall photo session experience? Our experience was WONDERFUL! It was too much fun. We weren’t quite sure what to expect and it ended up being a lot of adventure and giggles. We had to look at our relationship from an outside view which was very intriguing!

3-Is there any advises you’d like to give to those who are having in mind the idea to make A Day In The Life session?
The only advice I can think of is to perhaps think through what kind of things you do in your daily life in advance so you are not reaching in the moment. If there are certain activities you would like to catch on camera plot them out ahead of time so you can offer ideas when the time comes. Other then that just be yourselves! These two will take great care of you!

We’re thankful to have our lives enriched with these two amazing people and even more so to be able to call them our friends. Oh, and another special detail that made us falling head over the wheels in love with them was Simon’s sexy campervan! Just see the rest (: !